This adorable little train wreck below is me around age 5 or 6. While the outfit was not my choosing, no one was forcing me to stand on the ledge in my cousins house and very loudly pretend I knew how to serenade a room full of people. Every single year we would make the 23 hour drive down to visit my cousins in Mexico and ever single year it was the same - I had to buy every guitar I came across in the market. Then my mother would slap an embarrassing outfit on me that made all my cousins to unsure about me, comb my like a caricature of a Young Republican poster child and set me loose. Come to think of it... I really should reach out and apologize for all of those years of assaulting them with my made up Eagles renditions. 

What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you make it? Are we all Firemen and Princesses? It doesn't seem like it. Don't get me wrong i'm not trying to make you feel like you've betrayed your 5 year old self to survive. I think the process of growing up involves identifying what it was about those things we wanted to be as kids and finding out how to engage those aspects of ourselves in an effective and creative way. For some of us that means art, for others it means building things like businesses and systems and still for others of it means having a genuine desire to do the things that those businesses and systems couldn't survive without. I'm not here to tell you that any one dream is better that another, i'm just here to talk about what I wanted to be when I grew up and hope that you can resonate with the sentiment. 

It's alway been music. I used to rewrite the lyrics to songs from the radio that I had recorded onto cassette tapes (google that, it's a thing that used to happen). Then i began to learn how to write my own melodies and started writing songs - songs that I thought were way better than they were. Still, year after year and with each new life stage, it's always been music. I remember sitting on the floor in my room listening to CD's and thinking: 

This is about me. I've been through this. I've felt this.

Since then, I've never stopped wanting to create things that people could feel the same way about. Every song I write and every show we play is full of experiences and memories that i'm putting out there in hopes that someone hears it and thinks, This is about me.

You see, my heroes are all people I know. People like Chris TaylorJeremy Casella. People who decided what they wanted to be when they grew up and forsook everything else to be that. They've done it when it was easy (as if it were ever easy) and they've kept doing it when it got really hard. 

Now if there's one thing that I've learned from these guys it's that you can't do this alone, so we're asking for your help. On February 1st we're launching a kickstarter campaign to fund our first real EP and Dave and Kate. We're going to have 30 days to raise $5,000 dollars to got to Nashville and record with an incredibly talent groups of people there. That amount, plus some money we've save on our own covers the recording, studio musicians, mixing mastering and duplication. The kicker is, if we don't raise every penny of that $5,000 goal in 30 days then we get nothing. 

So we're asking you to give whatever you can - Whether is $5 or $500 - it all makes a huge difference. We'll have a killer list of pledge gifts based on what you give that you get as a thank you for helping us be what we always wanted to be when we grew up. 

Click Here to Visit Our Kickstarter if you're interested in pledging or even just sharing the link so others can see what we're trying to do. Both are hugely helpful. 


And now, to be fair and because she was a way cuter baby than me, here's Kate as a young little dreamer too.