We are dave and kate

Dave and Kate are a husband/wife duo from Dallas, TX. The pair met and married in their hometown of San Antonio in 2009. Their shared love for people, stories, music and tacos (mostly Dave on that last one) is the heartbeat behind the sound that Through the Lens Magazine called a "Fresh and honest sound... with hints of Dylan-esq qualities and familiar, comfortable undertones. Songs completely foreign to me felt as if I had known them for years. For the first time, in a long time, music truly spoke to me..."

Haunted by the ghosts of traditional Folk and Americana, Dave and Kate still manage to sound fresh and familiar. While the playful blend of the voices and the way they dance together will draw you in, it's the lyrics and content of their music that hope to leave you feeling connected to something greater. 

Their new album "Before the Wolf Comes Home" was produced by Jeremy Casella in Nashville Tennessee and is available everywhere music is sold online. Of the new record, Dave explains:

"It's a record about the eventual consequence of time. It's about wrestling with dreams and desires and our responsibility to them. There's nothing that scares me more than the thought of reaching the end of life and discovering that the things i gave my time to were too selfish to impact and too generic to be remembered. The thought that we don't have much time 'before the wolf comes and reveals our love as lust'.


Dave & Kate recently were recently featured in a write up for Through the Lens Magazine for their show at The Prophet Bar

"I sit in Deep Ellum’s overcrowded Prophet Bar checking my gear, casually sipping a PBR awaiting the headliner, my assignment.  As I began to settle in and survey the scene, I’m suddenly struck by one of the most refined and delicate voices that I have ever heard.  Without hesitation, I pick up my camera and make a mad dash towards the stage...."

Read the full piece here